QRAMM™ Consulting Services

QRAMM™ (Quantitative Requirement-Assessment Matching Methodology) is a proprietary methodology developed by The David Group, Inc. (DGI) that interprets assessment of key performance parameters – both quantitative and qualitative – relative to requirements.

DGI has applied scientific principles for assessment, including reliability, validity, and identifying and minimizing bias, toward the goal of maximizing “diagnostic confidence.”

A relevant assessment discriminates those things that can be measured and those things that cannot be measured.

  • Measurable = quantitative
  • Judgement = qualitative

QRAMM™ reduces multi-domain assessment data into a single numerical range that facilitates decision maker justification on the disposition of a technology or TTP.

A QRAMM™ range, or diagnostic confidence, is a quantitative measure that provides decision makers with a numerical range representing how well a technology or TTP meets key performance parameters relative to a specific requirement or set of requirements.

A useful QRAMM™ range depends upon the clarity of the requirements, their criticality, and the domain-specific KPPs upon which the subject technology or TTP is being assessed.