Exercise Analysis

The DGI team provides full spectrum support for exercise and experimentation events for U.S. Government, academia, national laboratory and commercial organizations. These events include annual exercise cycles with a yearlong continuum of events, as well as single experimentation activities and Limited Objective Evaluations (LOEs).

What we do

Full spectrum support encompasses the entire exercise cycle, and nearly every component comprising an exercise. The DGI team facilitates and provides: planning, logistics and execution, including all coordination, administration, execution and documentation from inception through maturation, Initial, Mid and Final Planning Meetings, continuing through exercise/experimentation execution, recovery and post exercise activities.

  • Planning: Collaboration, Communication and Facilitation
  • Development: Scenario/Script Development, Platform, Integration and Resource Support, Venue, Participant Coordination.
  • Execution: TOC Support, Issue Resolution, Venue Preparation and Management, Logistics, Security, Communications, Engineering and IT Support, Assessment Support, Recovery
  • Evaluation: After Action Reports, Evaluation and Assessments
  • Throughout: Event Management Site, Documentation