QRAMM® Consulting Services

The David Group, Inc. (DGI) provides its QRAMM® consulting services using a proprietary methodology that interprets assessment of key performance parameters -both quantitative and qualitative – relative to requirements.

What does QRAMM® mean?

QRAMM is an abbreviation for Quantitative Requirement-Assessment Matching Methodology, which is a proprietary methodology developed by The David Group, Inc. (DGI) that interprets assessment of key performance parameters – both quantitative and qualitative – relative to requirements.

DGI has applied scientific principles for assessment, including reliability, validity, and identifying and minimizing bias, toward the goal of maximizing “diagnostic confidence.” Application of this methodology results in analysis that can inform decisions, support recommendations, and provide new insights into the technology, process, system or program under evaluation.

What are the services?

  • Evaluation and Analysis: Application of the QRAMM® methodology with our team of professionals including requirements gathering and/or development, business analysis, specification development, recommendations and findings
  • Training: on-demand and classes, in-person and remotely, one-on-one and classroom, training documentation
  • User Adoption: informational meetings, in-house marketing and formal presentations
  • Documentation
  • Customized environment: Customized software configuration, scripts, workflows, forms and other code within customer-customized environments that facilitate the QRAMM methodology and concepts.

Who can benefit?

Organizations that need to:

  • Optimize their acquisition budgets
  • Evaluate and compare competing technologies, products, processes or systems
  • Develop, refine or further assess technologies, products, process or systems

Past customers include government agencies, groups within the Department of Defense, academic and research groups, national labs, and commercial entities.